Weekend Highlights

It ended up being a surprise long weekend since Friday brought another storm :).  We were very happy as we always are for snowdays…but were also concerned as Seamus was due to fly out for JNs that evening.


It is a good thing we had the day off as it took my oh so fast moving son all day to pack!


With no delay by 2:30pm, we headed to Albany, hit up Trader Joe’s – groceries for us and travel food for the skiers. Thankfully and miraculously , Seamus, Ava and Coach Julie made it out without any delays!


Utah…here they come!

Steve and I then were able to meet up with some of our oldest and closest friends for dinner. Two years ago, we won a gift certificate to Pasta Pane in Clifton Park. At that time, I thought – oh great – we can meet Smitty and Laura out for dinner one night since they live in Clifton Park. Here we are 2+ years later finally doing just that! Better late than never right?


We laughed about how old we are with all of our ‘readers’..


I could chat with Laura forever – one of the most genuine and easy to be with people I have ever met 🙂


Matching ‘specials’ for the guys

We sat and talked well past our meal time and got home at 10:30ish very grateful to our lovely sons who were there to help unpack the groceries.


Saturday we were all exhausted. It was a later night than we usually have and I woke up early, per usual, unable to fall back to sleep.  We went up to Garnet Hill to ski (and bring Brendan his forgotten lunch!). It was nice to get out on one of the last ski days of the season.  They were having a snowshoe race there which looked like a lot of fun.


Enjoying the peace and tranquility of a quiet ski

We went to a friends winter party later that evening. We brought a farro/bean/brussels dish and it was so great to see so many friends we don’t see as often anymore.  Of course everyone asked Brendan and Casey about their plans for next year. It will be nice when we have a definitive answer to give!  A friend warned me to make sure Steve and I make a lot of plans because the emptiness is too hard otherwise. Oh I am so focused on the ‘getting into college ‘ process, I have not yet delved  too much into how Steve and I will cope.

Sunday was house stuff, homework and a snowshoe at home while the guys went to rugby practice….


And we ended as we love to end our weekends…with some screen watching and a sweet treat 🙂 We watched the Las Vegas Rugby 7s tournament which was quite exciting as US won- Go Eagles!!!

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