Uncle Tom’s Visit and Memorial Day Fun

We have had two weekends involving nice family visits :).  Last weekend my brother Tom came to visit as he will be unable to attend the boyz graduation/party and likely will not see them for quite awhile :(.  I am so grateful to him for going out of his way to visit and love how much the boyz enjoy being with him.


My mom and Tom drove up from Albany Saturday afternoon and we had a great visit with snacks then had a delicious dinner cooked on the BBQ -despite more crappy, cold and wet weather :(.


Not sure what Tom was talking about but we all seem captivated!

Sadly, I forgot to take pics the night he was here so these were first thing in the morning – he was showered and very awake but the rest of us were not really ‘picture ready’!

Of all of my brothers, I look the most like Tom…..and here he is trying to look taller with his Godson, Bear


Uncle Tom and the boyz

For Memorial Day Weekend, we went to Binghamton for the Rugby State Championships. Rangers had an amazing season but sadly did not fair well at the tournament.

Steve, Brendan and Casey stayed at the hotel with the team while Seamus, Ava and I stayed with my incredible niece Erin and her family. I just love  visiting them – they are gracious hosts, so much fun to chat with and the kids are ADORABLE!!! (&energetic!)


Seamus and Ava doing bubbles with the kids



Ava, Addy, Connor and Seamus at the rugby game

Tim’s dad, Bob used to play rugby for Binghamton so took a trip down memory lane watching the Rangers . It was so nice of him to come and support the team



Bob, Tim…and obviously Seamus and Ava

Despite the fact that they did not win – they played their hearts out and put on a great game


Brendan in a line out


Casey had one of his best games ever on Monday

A little exchange with Coach/Dad on the field

The weather on Sunday was rainy and cold but Monday turned out to be gorgeous. Erin and Tim generously offered for us to come out to their cottage (which I am in absolute LOVE with!!!) so the boyz could jump in the lake before the 4 hour car ride home (thank you Er and Tim for not making us drive home with stinky, dirty bodies in the car!)


Addy is swimming great and likely to give up this swimmy by summer’s end


Connor’s not too excited to be boating! 😉


Not sure a paddle boat is meant for that many!


Connor loves his mommy…Oh how I miss those snuggly days! 


Uncle Greg is temporarily in Corning blowing glass so he came up for the championships. He and Steve had a nice visit – I think they shared the King  bed a the hotel – how cozy!


Uncle Greg and Steve lunching it

DSC_7162 (1)

Summer picnic….sandwiches, watermelon, grapes, chips…before getting on the road

I feel truly blessed to have family who are so phenomenally good to us and who we absolutely adore being with. We are all spread out which is so different from the way I grew up – with all cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents in the same town and one cousin family less than an hour away (which allowed us trips to ‘the country’ which I loved!). It is amazing that the boyz have been able to feel connected and truly loved even with the miles between us.  Guess it just goes to show what can happen if you keep feeding the love 🙂

Much love and many blessings.


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