Two Boyz, A Ball and A Boat

Well it was another weekend away :).  Friday night we arrived in Boston to see Casey before the BC vs Miami football game. It was the ‘Red Bandana Game’ which is a very inspiring story – Welles Crowther, a BC alum who played lacrosse for the Eagles, is honored for his heroic actions during the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks. He rescued more than 12 people in the tower before sadly losing his life there himself.  People commented that the person who saved them had a red bandana on and this is how they knew it was Welles as he was infamous for always wearing a red bandana. It is moving, heartbreaking and inspiring all at the same time.



BC only night game of the season (may have one more) to honor a BC hero <3

We were fortunate to arrive on the early side so we could see Casey play and then get our seats and food/beer before the lines were unmanageable!


Sausage and peppers, a beer, BC football and watching Casey play drums…here is one happy Dad 🙂


At it again!

It was a great  game – BC won but it was not a sure thing and was very fun to watch. We were on the Miami side, though of course surrounded by many BC fans as not too many were there for Miami. It was just enough, however, to confuse me. I tend to cheer when those around me cheer – that is how I know that it is our team that had something good happen (ok – I do know when they score a touchdown…but the other little stuff I do not pick up on!). I was thrown because sometimes people around me cheered but they were Miami fans…and sometimes BC…I had to watch more carefully!

My brother Jimmy, sister-in-law Mary came to the game and we stayed with them Friday night. Casey surprised us when he wanted to come back to stay there with us – we were so excited. It is amazing how these kids who were in our house nightly for 18 yrs and we now feel so blessed to have just a little extra time with them. He is exhausted after a game because they start playing 4 hours prior and play until the stands are empty after the game. They stand the whole time and actually are not supposed to even watch the game – they have to watch the conductor the whole time.  Very different experience than it is for the tailgating, dancing, singing,  students in the stands!


Chillin Saturday morning after a very late night! Casey is loving having a pup to snuggle with <3

We drove Casey back to campus, stopping at the store for more snacks first of course….then headed in the rainy, windy weather (a nor’easter but actually not too bad) to our friends in NJ. When we arrived, Lisa had hot soup and salad ready – just what the dr ordered for this cold rainy, tired night.


Some of our oldest and closest friends…

Saturday morning it was off to Princeton for Seamus’s race. Oh how great it was to see him!


Our friends who also live in NJ were kind enough to drive up (over? down? I have no idea what direction!). We are running into many examples of paths crossing. Steve’s dad was at Seamus’s race in Philly a couple of weeks ago when we were visiting Brendan. He met a couple who have a son who is also a plebe on the team.  Ends up she, Dierdre, went to college with our friend Beth. So they were able to catch up after not seeing each other for 30 years! Many synchronicities in life.


Scott and Beth have been so supportive

And we see him race for the first time…







“The Boys in the Boat”


All of the plebes


We have had more photos alone with each of the boyz in the past few months than ever in their lives! 

We were blessed to have lots of time to hang out, meet new friends, chat with old friends, and very blessed that Seamus had quite a bit of down time through the day to chat with us as well !



We left the race and knew we had a long ride home…after a lot of driving already over the weekend. So we headed to Wegmans (I LOVE that place!!!!!) and grabbed a bite to eat with Steve’s dad, Ken and Lisa and I was able to pick up a few groceries before we headed home.


I think I caught Ken mid-chew!

As much as we did hours of driving, we did go through such beautiful towns. I could look at the houses and towns forever. I could not really take photos since we were driving but I did manage to capture this one when we were at a stop light.



We are feeling the exhaustion now…a long, busy weekend but so full of love, connection and fun.  We are surprised to be away so much but recognize how fast the next 4 years will go and we want to enjoy and support the boyz and their activities for as long as they will welcome that from us :). We are truly enjoying all of the new and old connections we are making…so we will keep traveling for as long as it keeps feeding the love.

Many Blessings,


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