States…& The Last Race :(

Monday and Tuesday were the State Championships for Nordic. Originally set to be in Rochester, they were moved to North Creek due to lack of snow at Bristol. We were happy to host despite the scurry of planning and details that had to be worked out very quickly!


Coach Tomb and Coach Schreiner take a break from waxing


The moms put on quite a spread to help racers re-fuel!

Day one was a 10 K race for the boys and 7 K for the girls. It is a very challenging course but they put on a great performance. It was an incredible  day – sunshine and 40s.  Seamus was not feeling well (has come off of 2 weeks with stomach bug, flu and then started with congestion and terrible cough the day before States!).  He also fell twice – I think more people fell than not – especially the boys since it was later in the day and the snow was very heavy and sloppy.  We saw some major spills but thankfully no one was seriously injured. Anyway, he was not thrilled with his result despite putting it all out there and giving it all he had.


Seamus just after crossing finish line – he does not usually collapse upon finishing but this day he was whipped!


Here to cheer on the team!


These two are very supportive of Ava …but will also take any excuse to miss school 😉


Ava kicks it in to the finish line!

Day 2 proved to be another gorgeous one! Blue skies, 50 and no wind. The race was a mass start relay so it was quicker than day 1. Section 2 did well with the Queensbury girls team coming in 1st! And Seamus’ team coming in 2nd – whoo hoo! He gave it his all for his very last high school home race (still has Junior Nationals in Utah next week).



These girls had an AMAZING performance – coming in 1st for the girls relay and 1st overall as a team! Yay QHS!


Seamus starts out for a strong race



Continues strong up the ‘A Climb’ (aka killer hill!)



Boyz relay team came in 2nd! Whoo hoo!!!


Congrats to Section 2 skiers and coaches for a phenomenal season!


In his glory after the race – he will surely miss this next year!

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