Shifting Energy

Shifting energy is something I talk with my patients about all the time and a skill I do not think I could live without. When we are dealing with something difficult or are just in a lower state with anxiety, depression, grief or anger, it is so important to find ways to shift our energy.  Our body is pure energy and vibration….and it impacts our surroundings. Ever go into a hospital or a funeral home and feel the heaviness there? That is grief, illness and pain literally filling the air. Ever go to Disney Land, a playground, or a  birthday party and feel the joy and lightness there?  That is curiosity, passion for play and excitement filling the air.

I have been studying  Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology for the past 12 years or so and it has now become second nature to me to mix things up in order to shift my mood as much as possible.  That might mean stepping outside for a breath of fresh air or taking a long walk to breathe in nature’s smells, sounds and sights. It might mean dancing in the living room to music that is set at a vibration higher than what I am currently at (if we put it to music that is too high relative to where we are, we will want to turn it off because it does not resonate at all in the moment). It might mean crossing my opposite elbow to opposite knee 10 x each side. It might mean lighting a candle, doing some light stretching or yoga.

I remember one time when I was upset about something for several days – I cannot even remember what it was about as it was several years ago,  I went to a Zumba class and felt such a shift afterwards. The music, movement, side to side and crossover motion were all tremendous in helping me move to a new emotional place inside.


Midweek of February break we took a beautiful ski to the Great Camp Santanoni with friends (who are the ones who sold us on getting a Brittany Spaniel!) was a MUCH needed day out in the midst of a difficult week.

So we can do these things any time and any where – even when  it is winter and we are stuck inside…when life hands us some tough times and there is stress/pain or sadness in the air. There is always something we can do to shift our energy. And the more you do this with conscious awareness, the more you will notice the effect and turn to these things when you need them.



Tarra was one pooped pup on the way out…her 3 yr old friend was still full of energy!

Dancing, walking, fresh air, music, yoga, and much more all feed the love to increase our vibration and lighten the heaviness life can bring at times. <3

Many Blessings,


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