Senior Year!!!


First day of kindergarten….


September 8, 2005

First day of Senior Year…


September 6, 2017

OK , so how does this happen? Is it not the statement of all parents of older kids to the parents of wee ones…’it goes so fast’.  Yet you cannot fully grasp this until you have lived it.  I remember going to the 2005 high school graduation because Steve is a teacher and we were connected with kids in that class. I cried as my guys had just graduated from ‘Cheerful Crickets’ and were on their way to starting Kindergarten  – those first 5 years had gone so fast and I knew that in a heartbeat we would be there in the JCS auditorium watching them graduate from high school .

There is so much coming up this year….so many ups and downs, moving towards more independence, senior events, ‘lasts’ of everything….and so much emotion that I already feel – excitement (for all that is ahead and possible for the boyz…and for Steve and I), sadness (for this connected family time that is going to be so much more rare, for the ‘end’ of a stage of life that I have treasured in so many ways) and  anxiety (how will it all work out – college, finances, will the boyz  be ok? )….

So my intention is to embrace all moments of this year – the sad, the excited, the nostalgic, the frustrating, the joyful….here’s to a phenomenal senior year boyz!


Love and Light,


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