Party Prep Progress!

Seamus, Brendan and Casey started planning their graduation party 2 years ago when we were on our way home from a friend’s graduation party in Albany.  It was then that they came up with ‘Tombfest’ and the idea has grown from there. We are not sure how many people will be here but there will be lots of family staying with us and we have a LOT to do before we are ready for June 23rd!

This was our only full weekend home in a long time and before graduation so we took the opportunity to get started on some house projects. Steve’s oldest and best friend, Smitty, was SO generous to give up his weekend for us. Thank you to his wife Laura and his girls, Raegan and Kierra who gave the A-OK as well 🙂



Smitty came up to paint – he is a pro- but we put him to work on a few other things first…he is an amazing worker!

Steve and Smitty had a painting company during college summers. It was a lucrative business but they have each gone a different way with it. Steve seems to detest painting now while Smitty is so good at it and has lots of painting jobs over the summer since he is a teacher. I am beyond grateful for all he did.  Smitty is an incredibly hard worker – does not take a break all day – just drinks water all day and says if he sits down, he would not get back up so he is better off not breaking! I felt so bad though!



Steve and boyz did tons of yard work

We had these stones lining our gardens – they worked for a few years but it has been about 13 years now and the grass is growing in between them, getting into the gardens making for tons of weeding -yuck!  They pulled all the stones, edged the gardens with a spade, and  pulled up the patio as that is all uneven now (made of flagstones).








Casey gets on the job helping Smitty paint..Smitty is entertaining and hysterically funny so it is not a bad gig for Casey 🙂


Hmmm- this door is on back of garage…we need to remember to paint that!


The shed needs some major TLC….Steve tries to give it a boost as it has become a little off kilter


Finally sitting and eating dinner….Pete joins us too


Bear and Gram …Gram came up to watch all the goings on…she loves to see home improvement!


Casey and Senior (Pete is the boyz Spanish teacher)


Gram and Seamus


Day 2- Painting the shed


And each other!


Since losing her mom, Drew is sticking close by us


Went to get flowers with my mom and she bought me 2 hanging baskets :)…I usually buy the flowers and pot them myself so this felt SO easy! Thanks Mom!

DSC_7216Finally done for the day…after some leftovers and a beer, Smitty got to head home to his family


I so appreciate all the hard work that went into the weekend to get things moving on the house. We still have lots more to do but it feels great to be going in the right direction! Have to keep up the momentum for the next few weeks.

Making progress definitely feeds the love!

Many blessings,


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