Nordic Season

Here we are in our busiest season for sure…nordic season is our favorite in so many ways..full of snow (hopefully), races, practices, baking, hot baths, tea and cocoa…you get the picture.  I remember when my boyz first started racing in the Bill Koch league and I talked with some of the high school parents I knew – I could not fathom how they stood out there in the cold for hours watching their kids race.  Now here I am in our last season and can say it is a phenomenal sport and the comraderie and good vibes (along with the right layers and hand/toe warmers!) keep us warm 🙂


Seamus has been racing the most as he wanted to go to Junior Nationals again this year. Fortunately he did make the team so will be headed to Salt Lake City in March for that trip.


Brendan and Casey are just enjoying the season with their friends and racing their best without too much stress or pressure which is quite nice.


I have LOVED watching these boyz ski – to think of them when they were falling and sliding up at Garnet Hill and now they are flying by making it look so easy ( I have not advanced much past their first stage of slipping and sliding ;))….and the friendships we have all made through this sport where everyone cheers for everyone…it is not one team against another. It is a grueling sport and if you are out there, more power to you. The kids who come out and race when they have barely been on skis before – it is inspiring.  So thank you Nordic for being such a beautiful lifetime sport full of community, fresh air, movement,  and friendship.

While Steve is busy coaching and coordinating for Section 2 – it is not nearly as time consuming as his first year as coordinator – I was truly a nordic widow that year! (as my friend Laura fondly called herself during football season when her hubby coached!)  So I am grateful for a calmer season and oh so grateful for our local Ski Bowl which brings skiers to us, brings us fun visits from friends, allows us to get out and ski without travel and to get home to a hot bath/hot food in moments!


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