New Year, New….

Garage door???


New hardware replaced but will need much more than that in the long run:(

Well we are in a much better place than last year at this time….on January 1, 2018 we discovered we needed a new hot water heater, washer and dryer. Whoo hoo!  Here we are January 2019 and on Thursday Steve had a snow day (#4!) and while he was trying to clear the driveway (it was actually pouring rain and roads were very icy which was reason for school cancellation), the tractor caught the garage door string and it came slamming down on the Kubota and just missed really injuring/killing Steve.  We are beyond grateful that he did not break his back or worse but are also a bit bummed to have to replace the door. The Overhead Door man came and did a temporary fix so the door is operable for the moment which is great given the freezing temperatures.  We a just increased our homeowners insurance deductible in an effort to reduce monthly expenses. Lovely right?  We have never used the homeowners so thought it was silly to have such a low deductible. Ha! Timing is everything.


On to brighter new things however….in another effort to reduce expenses, I have decided to forgo my hair highlighting appointments and a friend of mine offered to do it for me.  She has very little experience but so much knowledge, interest and passion for this, that she is really quite good. She does her own hair, her daughters, sister-in-law and mother’s hair…and now mine :).


This always makes me think of the Beauty School Dropout scene in Grease!


Finished look….still very poofy hair though… great for the 80s but not so much for 2019!;)

She did this a couple weeks ago and then Friday night came over to cut my hair and try various makeup on me. She is very stylish and gifted with these things and always looks phenomenal herself. She knows I am not too into makeup so went with a natural look for me.


Me and my makeover queen:)

It was fun to have a new look and I was ready for a change with my hair. As Brendan said ‘Mom, you have had the same haircut my whole life!” Plus I can still pull it up which was a requirement for me – just so easy!

So thanks Missy, for feeding the love with my new style 🙂


Many Blessings,


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