Happy Halloween!

Just sending out Happy Halloween wishes! Feels strange in this house with no kids, likely a few to no trick or treaters (years past we might get 1 or 2 other than a few of the boyz friends). 🙁

Halloween seems to evoke strong feelings from people – they seem to love it or hate it. I have always enjoyed Halloween since the days when my dad would decorate the whole front of the house and hallway into some scary scene, my brothers would chime in and dress up in something scary, my parent’s friends would be hidden in the living room and quiet themselves when the doorbell rang…and kids from far and wide came to see what he had in store for them, having to reach into a tiny red satin lined casket for candy (creepy!).  He would feel so bad if a little one ran out crying and he would try to convince them it was only MR Faughnan…but to no avail – it was too late! So those were the early days…coming back and trading candy with my brother Michael, cousin Mark and friend Mary Ellen..and on to high school when we had fun festivities in school and competitions for best costumes…to college where we had very fun costumes thanks to our talented friend Elizabeth…and then to having kids ourselves.


pics #5 3

Chimney Sweeps from Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins was the boyz favorite movie for a few years. We even went with my mom, aunt, cousin’s daughter to NYC to see the play on Broadway.  The boyz were forever jumping on the coffee table and singing ‘Step In Time’ ….

Now that I have no kids at home, Halloween definitely feels less exciting and I have zero desire to dress up, and if I am honest, a bit of relief to not have to think about kids (or even teens!) costumes. But it does bring home the fact that the house is pretty empty…and of course that brings up some sadness.

So I will feed the Halloween love with gratitude for so many fun Halloween memories <3

Many Blessings,


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