Happy December 1st!!!

It is my favorite day of the year!!!


Since I was 9 years old I have been celebrating December the first by decorating my room. I had a little artificial tree, cardboard cut outs of Santa and his reindeer on my walls and Christmas music playing on my record player constantly.  One of my favorite memories is of going to sleep with John Denver’s Rocky Mountain Christmas playing and my tree lights on.


So as a family we celebrate as well….the boyz lamented that this is their last December the First at home :(…but I am consoling myself thinking how fun it will be to send care packages on this day next year!



I always buy the boyz small gifts having something to do with Christmas on this day.  Of course when they were little, it was easy to come up with fun Christmasy things for them – coloring books, story books, stuffed animals, PJs – all Christmas themed of course.



Aunt Eileen has sent them advent calendars for as long as they have been able to eat Chocolate I believe! She did not disappoint this year 🙂



I was stumped this year and was lamenting to my niece Erin who has little ones and is carrying on the tradition of celebrating December the First with Addy and Connor.  She then thought of something for me and called me right as I was rejoicing in Target as I found something perfect for them…


Christmas boxer briefs!!! I had thoughts of boxers as I have seen them for years but the boyz do not wear them. So when I saw the boxer briefs, and in the Peanuts/Elf/Grinch patterns – I knew that was it.  They were a hit – so much so that they went right upstairs to put them on despite already being all dressed for school already.

So a happy December and Holiday season to all!

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