A Long Time Coming

Wow  – how to begin a journey I started internally many years ago?….I wrote a blog during my family’s 6 month exchange program to India in 2010-11. While it was really intended as a way to track our adventure so that we could remember all we experienced and family and close friends could follow along with us as they wished, it actually became something more for me. I accessed something inside myself that I had always known was there but had difficulty fully grasping .  It felt expansive, open and healing. It allowed me to see things from a different perspective.


I have kept a journal since I was 9 years old..you know the kind with the tiny lock and key and small dated entries that say things like ” It was hot today. I went to Mary Ellen’s house to play. We had fun’….and often ending with an ‘I love ____’ (name the boy/celebrity of the week;))  So while I am not one who a propensity for English class, I have always loved journaling (yes, my entries did ex100_7044pand to include a bit more meat if you will) and found catharsis in writing my thoughts and feelings.


My old diary…I hesitate to show the inspiring words written inside!

I attempted to keep up with the blog upon our return home but it seemed more and more difficult to make the time for it. I have thought and planned for it since then….always feeling a yearning inside me but also feeling like there was just not the time. We have been in the midst of pre-teen/teen years and I made a very conscious decision when my boyz were in 7th grade ‘we have 6 years left with them at home and being present for them, their activities and mothering is my priority. ‘ I am very grateful for that decision but I would be lying if I said I do not have regrets about not just continuing with the blog from the get go. But now I can no longer put it off…like my soul will not allow it.   I will do what I can, expand and explore and see what happens.

I plan to write about my ever changing journey….as a mom to (currently) teenage boyz, a wife to an energetic, enthusiastic and passionate man,  as a friend, therapist, seeker of all things nutrition, running,  yoga, emotional healing and spirituality. I am always looking to learn more, find balance and let go of perfection, obsessions, rules and all things that cause contraction in my being.


Boyz on their 17th birthday


I am appreciative of anyone who follows along this journey and hope that my words may serve to inspire, connect and help us all see how we are ultimately all the same…all one…and need each other to be reminded that we are not alone.

Lots of love and light,


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