Compression Shorts

Who would think one could obsess about this men’s sport underwear as much as I have in the past week.  With 3 boyz, we have bought many pairs of compression shorts through the years, and I have never thought twice about what we were buying. If they were compression shorts and a good price, we were all set. Well the one thing we have been told Seamus will need at the Naval Academy is compression shorts as they do not provide as many as he will need.  You would think I was trying to find him the perfect wife with how I went about searching for compression shorts.

What do I get …there are climalite, climacool, microfiber performance, sport underwear, blah blah blah….Suddenly this simple task became overwhelming. Add to that mixed reports about the colors and lengths that plebes are allowed to wear – white?blue?black?…they cannot go below their shorts? (3 inch)  they can go below the shorts? (6 inch) Yikes. So this led to  quite a post on FB, started by my, what I thought to be simple, question about compression shorts.


In the end, we were shopping at Dick’s Sports for  yard games for the graduation party and Seamus found these – a quick glance and great price – just as we always have done in past when buying compression shorts- little thought and the purchase was just fine. Required no research believe it or not 😉

When the post went on and on, it begged the question as to why we – or maybe just I, was obsessing about underwear. Two thoughts emerged…

1- Seamus will be allowed to bring one small bag with him to Induction Day and likely most of the contents of said bag will be taken away and locked in storage or sent back home with us. Having a child about to embark on the hardest thing they have ever done as well as leaving home for the first time in a more permanent way, causes a mom to feel the need to make any small comfort he is allowed, just perfect. So compression shorts were not just compression shorts ….they are the only thing I can send him with that is from home, and given the amount of physical activity and heat he will be enduring, comfort and durability is key.

2-The second and more significant reason I am sure that we/I was obsessing…is because it is much easier to think about underwear and strain my brain online in search of the perfect kind…than it is to think about the elephant in the room…the fact that my ‘baby’ is about to leave home and with that, his life, and our lives, will change in indescribable ways I am sure.  The mix of sadness, grief, joy, excitement and hope is overwhelming at times and underwear brings me down to earth in a very simple, grounding way.

I guess you could say…compression shorts fed the love for me 😉

Many blessings,


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