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Expansion vs Contraction

These two words – expansion and contraction, have given me a lot of insight into the connection between the body and emotions.  When I began exploring energy medicine and my spiritual beliefs, I began the path to learning how to integrate my mind, body and soul  so that healing can occur on a deeper level. […]

The Magic of Friendship

Wednesday night I headed 90 minutes south to get together with my nearest and dearest friends  – a group that combines grade school, high school and college friends. It is a gift that they all live in the same area and that I am close enough to see them as well (though not often enough […]

Dublin Take 2

We truly are not jet setters though it may appear that way currently as I have been to Dublin twice in less than a month!  In the past, I never would have imagined doing this but things change when your child is across the pond for an extended time. Much of what we did on […]

Speaking of Polls…

It’s that time of year when everyone is talking about the polls. I do not know about you, but I cannot imagine being evaluated publicly with percentages of people who approve or disapprove of me.  Yet in some ways we all take polls albeit on a bit of a smaller scale. This is the kind […]

The Art Cabinet

For years the idea of ‘cleaning out’ has been a huge desire but overwhelming thought. We have so much stuff!  Of course, Steve and I both have said that it is part of how we will cope during ’empty nesting’.  If nesting is a time to acquire, make cozy and create a home…empty nesting is a […]

Life is Cycling

So Steve and I went to the Open House at school last week. I was there to sit at the  Dollars for Scholars table (no, I do not miss open house so much that I had to go back despite having no kids there!). I went to sit in the hall at the DFS table […]


Obsession is a word we use freely to describe many things in a lighthearted way. We ‘obsess’ about a boy in high school,  we become obsessed with a avocados or peanut butter M&Ms,  we are obsessed with a certain kind of music…but true obsession feels different. Obsession is defined as ‘a persistent disturbing preoccupation with […]

BC Parents Weekend

I remember parent’s weekends from when I was in school…..the dinner dance on Saturday night, the out to dinner with mom and dad, and the shopping trip with mom to the mall to get a little something (think 80’s style sweater-lovely!). We also took advantage of having our parents there for a trip to the […]


In this day of the internet, social media, texting and even emailing, how is Hallmark even keeping afloat? Due to the expense of cards (I have been hard pressed to find a card under $4-5) and time, I have taken to sending most birthday wishes and thoughts by way of text. Adding emojis and confetti […]