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Happy Holidays!

Just stopping in to wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a 2019 filled with peace, good health, joyful moments, and lots and lots of love <3…I have been MIA for the past month but plan to post twice a week for 2019…   Brendan, Seamus and Casey with the newest member of our […]

An American Iconic Event

Well who knew the Army Navy game was such an event! I guess lots of people knew – just not me! I will admit Steve and I were a bit different in our anticipation of the weekend. He has been planning for it for months – ever since Seamus accepted his appointment to the Academy […]


Last week was a bit busy with catch up on work and home after a house full of family and then a weekend away in Boston, thus, I am just now able to post a quick recap of a wonderful holiday. It will be a photo recap…more for my benefit than anyone else’s 🙂   […]

Happy December 1st!

Happy first day of the most magical month of the year! I love December and have celebrated December 1st since I was 9 years old.  This year is a bit different with no boyz at home :(… So I compensated by sending packages… Brendan is getting the biggest package since he has to cook for […]

Time Away

Time away is so crucial to our mental health. We need time away from our routine, our comfort zone, our day to day and our people. I have been fortunate to have had several phenomenal ‘get aways’ over the years but it has been a few years since I have done this. I started my […]

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

As we are 2 weeks from Thanksgiving (actually as I publish this, we are exactly 2 weeks from Black Friday…how interesting that the day we spend on gratitude is followed by a day of buying stuff – – but that is for another post).We started the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving ritual in 2010 when we were […]

Let’s Be Curious

Here we are on election day, which got me thinking about judgement….I have never seen people so disturbed by the state of this country. I have elderly patients who come to see me purely as a result of the anxiety they feel due to listening to the news and struggling so with what is happening.  […]

Yin and Yang

Opposites attract….We have all heard of yin and yang – how it takes opposite energies to make a whole. It is rooted in Taoism, the yin, or dark piece represents shadows and femininity, while the yang, or white side, represents masculinity and light.     When Steve and I got together SO many people said […]

Happy Halloween!

Just sending out Happy Halloween wishes! Feels strange in this house with no kids, likely a few to no trick or treaters (years past we might get 1 or 2 other than a few of the boyz friends). 🙁 Halloween seems to evoke strong feelings from people – they seem to love it or hate […]

Two Boyz, A Ball and A Boat

Well it was another weekend away :).  Friday night we arrived in Boston to see Casey before the BC vs Miami football game. It was the ‘Red Bandana Game’ which is a very inspiring story – Welles Crowther, a BC alum who played lacrosse for the Eagles, is honored for his heroic actions during the […]