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Lifting the Veil

Seeing more clearly how crucial lifting the veil is.  needing to live according to my soul’s purpose….my calling…. realizing more and more why I am amongst males so much yet also drawn to women in work and friendships   veil – use voice, speak truth, honor my body, stop taking a poll, take responsibility.

All Tucked In

I was recently having one of those rare parenting moments when everything is calm and steady.  Each of the boyz was doing their thing – in school and work-and seemed to be on a good path for that week… that day… that moment.  It occurred to me that I felt just like I used to […]

2020 Thoughts

New Year’s resolutions are a strange thing. Why do we pick this one day to focus on how we want to improve ourselves and our lives?  It can feel like a lot of pressure and yet at the same time, it is a natural time to reflect on the past year and to set intentions […]

Letting Go

As a parent letting go can be quite a challenge. We have to let go in so many different phases and chapters of our children’s lives.  Right off the bat, we have to let go and let medical staff clean up and take care of our baby(ies) as soon as they come into the world…with […]

Back In The Saddle

I have been reflecting on what takes me out of writing as it has been a few months since I have posted here.  The main thing that comes up for me is emotional overwhelm with life situations.  I may have the time, but the emotional energy is not there and the content is more difficult […]

Shifting Energy

Shifting energy is something I talk with my patients about all the time and a skill I do not think I could live without. When we are dealing with something difficult or are just in a lower state with anxiety, depression, grief or anger, it is so important to find ways to shift our energy.  […]

Life is not Linear

We have had some unplanned, unwanted and undesirable events come up in the past 2 weeks. It has sent me reeling…it has made me look at things and re-evaluate my consistent perfectionistic desires.  There is so much we want in life…so much we plan for without even realizing it….and so much we fear getting in […]

Letting Go Of A Dream

Letting go of a dream….that sounds pretty dramatic doesn’t it? Sounds like something that could make us feel defeated… resigned…heartbroken.  This weekend Steve and the boyz let go of a dream. We sold the ’66 Mustang that Steve’s parents had bought for him  when he was  a teenager.  At some point it stopped running and […]

A New Perspective on Regret

A tendency to be pretty hard on myself and a bit of a perfectionist streak  lead me to  find things I regret.  I can look back at my day…week….year and wish I did X,Y or Z differently.  I remember when the boyz started Kindergarten and I was so upset, wishing I had been less stressed […]