Armed and Ready

Well it is here…Graduation Day! We are house full with family and hearts full with love and appreciation for all of the support and love that has surrounded our family through the boyz first 18 years. We are full of excitement for all that is to come for them.

But let’s get down to basics here…when thinking about graduation, I knew I needed one thing…



Note the words highlighted in blue ;)….I am not one for much makeup (save for my high school eye shadow days -eek!)…I pretty much only wear mascara and clear lip gloss type stuff.  But the mascara I had recently kept smudging if I rubbed my eyes at all so I knew I would need to make this investment before the big day.  😉


Tears just may be a part of the day…but they will be tears of joy, of nostagia, of love and of appreciation. They will be tears that feed the love.

Many Blessings, 


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