All Tucked In

I was recently having one of those rare parenting moments when everything is calm and steady.  Each of the boyz was doing their thing – in school and work-and seemed to be on a good path for that week… that day… that moment.  It occurred to me that I felt just like I used to at the end of a long day with little ones. You know those days….think tantrums, runny noses, lots of ‘mooommmyyyy’, bickering siblings, spills and messes…you get that ‘oh so happy’ picture 😉

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Three very unsettled babes  erupting!!!

Well remember the nighttime to those days? If we were lucky we may have had 3 sleeping children, a (somewhat) picked up house and a few moments of peaceful calm before we took to our beds (assuming we could make it there before falling asleep on the couch :)) Well those moments, when the kids were all tucked in felt so good…. so peaceful…

I remember feeling like all was well (finally!) and that all was right with the world knowing nothing disastrous or life changing happened, that the kids who were driving me nuts only a few hours ago, were now my little angels sleeping so adorably snuggled under the covers with their stuffed animals.  I suddenly felt like things would be ok, that I could handle life.  The worries of the day were long forgotten and the bickering and messes a thing of the past.


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These were clearly not the bickering days …I apparently was too busy enjoying my down time to photograph the boyz while they were sleeping once they were beyond baby stage. Very sad as I would now LOVE to see a picture of them as toddlers sleeping <3 These little bumpers had to be used once the boyz started disturbing each other in their sleep (think scratches from sharp baby nails 🙁 )…

So recently when I had a moment of appreciating that each of the boyz was doing ok – I just remembered that ‘all tucked in’ feeling. I felt that same sensation through my body – my nervous system slows down, trust that things will be OK starts to re-emerge  and it brought back that awareness so well.

Of course there are still many moments that feel like we are in the middle of a tantrum…when things are not going so swimmingly and the stress is high, cortisol is running through my body and I lose that confidence in my ability to handle life.  But thankfully change is a constant  -and if I can remember that ‘this too shall pass’, then I can move through the stress with the awareness that another ‘all tucked in’ moment is coming soon.

And we surely know that those ‘all tucked in’ moments absolutely feed the love!


Many Blessings,


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