Let’s see what might be pertinent for others to know…..I will start with saying that this is just my story…it is not who I AM. It is a description of my life on this current journey….this lifetime in which I was blessed to be born to loving parents. My dad passed away in 2004 from cancer and my mom has been my constant support and supplier of unconditional love and unending patience.  I have 3 older brothers who have always been good to me and were the beginning of my life learning about male energy.  We live spread out across the country but love to see each other and connect when we can (maybe in part because we do live farther apart so can appreciate being together without the daily frustrations that come when we live closer to family ;))

I met Steve in college and we have been married 20+ years. He is a constant source of support and love. He encourages me to be my best self, even if it makes things more challenging for him.  He is my partner in every way and I cannot imagine my life without him.  He is an adventurer, a dreamer and an idealist. As far as astrology goes, I was advised that his sign, Gemini, is the worst sign for me, Cancer, to be with….and yet we work to balance each other out – I ground him some and he encourages me to take risks that do not come naturally to me. We have had our share of struggles but I feel blessed for him to be the one I get to share this journey with.

I found out I was pregnant on our 5th anniversary – the most wonderful anniversary gift I have ever received.  Soon after we discovered we were having triplets…words cannot explain the shock, excitement and bewilderment we felt.  The day they were born was surreal and beautiful.  (Boston Marathon day for any runners in the group – my brother ran that year).  Our journey as parents has been a constant learning experience. I have a hard time forgiving myself and am constantly aware of the ways I have and still am ‘screwing up’.   I love these boyz with all my heart and just ask the universe every day to help me be what they need.  We are about to embark on their senior year…college searches, testing, sports and transitioning to more and more independence. It is a tricky time but an exciting time.

We live in a very small town….my husband teaches and I work as a therapist. I love to work with women regarding self care, nurturing and honoring oneself and your own needs and voice.  We delve into the root causes of their beliefs and fears, slowly integrating and becoming more whole as we heal past wounds that are showing up in present day. They say you teach what you most need to learn…that we attract like energy…these are the lessons I am continuously working on myself….hopefully staying one step ahead so that I can be of service to others.

My history includes a struggle with an eating disorder which will come into play in this space. I will write about what it has meant in my life, how it has served and how it has robbed me.  I enjoy all things nutrition, running, cooking and baking (though I would love to take cooking lessons as I am not particularly good at it!), yoga, hiking, and meditating.  I am learning to move these things off of my ‘to do list’ and just live them….   to balance these things with relaxing, being present, connecting, laughing, and enJOYing.

To be my best self I must feed love in every way possible. To recognize fear when it surfaces, be aware and present to it, and then make a choice – to feed love instead.