States…& The Last Race :(

Monday and Tuesday were the State Championships for Nordic. Originally set to be in Rochester, they were moved to North Creek due to lack of snow at Bristol. We were happy to host despite the scurry of planning and details that had to be worked out very quickly!


Coach Tomb and Coach Schreiner take a break from waxing


The moms put on quite a spread to help racers re-fuel!

Day one was a 10 K race for the boys and 7 K for the girls. It is a very challenging course but they put on a great performance. It was an incredible  day – sunshine and 40s.  Seamus was not feeling well (has come off of 2 weeks with stomach bug, flu and then started with congestion and terrible cough the day before States!).  He also fell twice – I think more people fell than not – especially the boys since it was later in the day and the snow was very heavy and sloppy.  We saw some major spills but thankfully no one was seriously injured. Anyway, he was not thrilled with his result despite putting it all out there and giving it all he had.


Seamus just after crossing finish line – he does not usually collapse upon finishing but this day he was whipped!


Here to cheer on the team!


These two are very supportive of Ava …but will also take any excuse to miss school 😉


Ava kicks it in to the finish line!

Day 2 proved to be another gorgeous one! Blue skies, 50 and no wind. The race was a mass start relay so it was quicker than day 1. Section 2 did well with the Queensbury girls team coming in 1st! And Seamus’ team coming in 2nd – whoo hoo! He gave it his all for his very last high school home race (still has Junior Nationals in Utah next week).



These girls had an AMAZING performance – coming in 1st for the girls relay and 1st overall as a team! Yay QHS!


Seamus starts out for a strong race



Continues strong up the ‘A Climb’ (aka killer hill!)



Boyz relay team came in 2nd! Whoo hoo!!!


Congrats to Section 2 skiers and coaches for a phenomenal season!


In his glory after the race – he will surely miss this next year!

The Elusive ‘Balance’

When we first came home from India is when I began spending more time reading and researching on the internet.  It was 2011 and maybe I was late to the party, but it really caught on with me at that point.  It was fascinating how much I could learn about health, nutrition, cooking etc.  But very soon that fascination became an obsession.  And I know I am not alone in this as I see so many people fall into this same trap.  What can at one point be empowering and energizing can suddenly become debilitating and paralyzing.  It seemed that there was nothing that one could eat that would not in some way be ‘bad’ for you.  Everything caused cancer or was toxic in some way. Be it meat, dairy, spinach, soy, and God forbid—sugar.  Add to that the multitude of ways things can enter your bloodstream or be inhaled – all your personal care products and house cleaning products were toxic as well. I remember talking with my friend and telling her that there was nothing that felt safe. I remember where I was sitting in that moment and the feeling I had – it was all of constriction and contraction. In other words – fear.  So what had started as an innocent search for increased knowledge about something I have always been interested in, very quickly became an unhealthy obsession with how much ‘bad’ is out there.


Enjoying a meal out with our Canadian friends 🙂

Add to that feeding a family with various taste preferences. I could not change everything they were eating just because I was fearful of it. For some time, I had wished I knew more when the boyz were little so I could have raised them differently – so what? would I have not fed them because nothing is healthy? Would I have made everything from scratch as I was trying to at that point – making myself crazy? I remember it would be a beautiful summer day and I would start out early and say ‘ I just need to make some yogurt, bread, almond milk and cookies’…thinking I could do that in no time and then enjoy my day. But as the day started to get away from me, I would grow increasingly frustrated as I craved the sun and doing something fun outside.  So was that healthy? Increased stress, decreased sunshine and decreased fun? I think not!

So I have come a long ways since then but it is a continual journey and a constant awareness and conscious effort to not ‘buy into’ the media’s fear mongering.  I am susceptible to black and white thinking. Life would be easier in some ways if things were right or wrong, good or bad, black or white.  But that is not the reality and that , as I have found, breeds fear and dis-ease.  What I have been striving for is a balance.


One thing that continues to be homemade is the treats – there is just no comparison!

I have stopped buying as many organic products primarily for financial reasons especially as my boyz became very hungry teenagers and it was just not realistic to buy that much organic food.  While I look for the best deals on organic foods and do the best I can with cleaning products and personal care as well, I have learned not to stress about the non organic milk and other products we buy.  I am conscious of the media I consume as I do not want to go down a road that tells me how that milk will kill us, how dairy, meat, carbs – pick your poison – will cause terminal disease.

DSC_5436 (1)

A lovely gift from our friend who visited last night…another triplet parent 🙂

What I realize is that ease is what I need….grace as we try to live the best life we can….cooking and baking is fun but I also recognize it is ok to do easy meals in this stage of my life.  If I am in the mood and have the time, I will put more into a meal, but on your average night – it is a basic rotation of go to meals the majority of us like with sides that make it a feasible meal for those who are not crazy about the entree.  And this works…everyone if (somewhat) happy, everyone is physically nourished and we are together sharing a meal which nourishes our souls and our relationships.  So I am choosing to stope feeding the fear and instead to feed the love by embracing moderation, embracing ‘all foods fit’ for my family, and expanding my awareness of what it means to be ‘healthy’.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Love Day to all!  It seems many boycott this day as a commercial rip off but I have always liked having a day made special by just acknowledging our love in a different way.  We do not do extravagant things but I do make little cards/notes for Steve, bake some kind of treat and the boyz, bake some kind of treat and get them a little something. That was fun and easy when they were little – a cute valentine stuffed animal or something but it is much more of a challenge for teenage boyz. I think girls would be easier in this situation – could get red/valentiney lip gloss, nail polish, lotion or bath soap.  Boyz…not so much!


Notes for lunch boxes

So I tried to make breakfast a bit festive but it was an epic fail…



Hint – never try to die eggs red/pink…they end up looking like vomit!


Today was also the nordic sectionals race so that was the focus more than anything…


Bizarre getup that the team decided to wear to school to get psyched for Sectionals!


JCS boys came in 2nd! Not bad for a school that graduates 24 competing against schools that graduate 300-800  students!


We came home and finished off the day with more Valentine Fun!


Dry brush and manly ‘bier soap’ for Pop!

Car themed teenage boy Valentine’s gift and flowers for Mom 🙂


Nordic Season

Here we are in our busiest season for sure…nordic season is our favorite in so many ways..full of snow (hopefully), races, practices, baking, hot baths, tea and cocoa…you get the picture.  I remember when my boyz first started racing in the Bill Koch league and I talked with some of the high school parents I knew – I could not fathom how they stood out there in the cold for hours watching their kids race.  Now here I am in our last season and can say it is a phenomenal sport and the comraderie and good vibes (along with the right layers and hand/toe warmers!) keep us warm 🙂


Seamus has been racing the most as he wanted to go to Junior Nationals again this year. Fortunately he did make the team so will be headed to Salt Lake City in March for that trip.


Brendan and Casey are just enjoying the season with their friends and racing their best without too much stress or pressure which is quite nice.


I have LOVED watching these boyz ski – to think of them when they were falling and sliding up at Garnet Hill and now they are flying by making it look so easy ( I have not advanced much past their first stage of slipping and sliding ;))….and the friendships we have all made through this sport where everyone cheers for everyone…it is not one team against another. It is a grueling sport and if you are out there, more power to you. The kids who come out and race when they have barely been on skis before – it is inspiring.  So thank you Nordic for being such a beautiful lifetime sport full of community, fresh air, movement,  and friendship.

While Steve is busy coaching and coordinating for Section 2 – it is not nearly as time consuming as his first year as coordinator – I was truly a nordic widow that year! (as my friend Laura fondly called herself during football season when her hubby coached!)  So I am grateful for a calmer season and oh so grateful for our local Ski Bowl which brings skiers to us, brings us fun visits from friends, allows us to get out and ski without travel and to get home to a hot bath/hot food in moments!